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Note: not listed in a particular order. May load slowly, please be patient.

Barbara Kroll

A black and white slightly abstract painting of a girl with long black hair. She is facing right but looking left, and has her hand open and one finger in her mouth.
Girl with Finger in Mouth
A painting of a white dog lying on a pink floor.
White Dog
A messy, crude drawing of a woman with red hair lying asleep on the floor. Her high heels have been kicked off haphazardly.
Finally at Home

Giorgio Morandi

A landscape painting in pleasing pastel hues. There is two houses with no visible doors or windows. A field is in front of them and a hill behind them.
A still life painting of a container, a vase, an unidentifiable object, and two bowls (L to R). The objects are in front of a brown wall and on a brown table.
Still Life

Lyonel Feininger

An abstract oil painting of a shoreline. The water is blue and the sky is brown. There is three figures in the distance on the beach, and a boat on the water. The scene is painted in a way that looks like layered translucent rectangles of colour.
Calm at Sea ii
An abstract painting of three tall women. The first woman is in a purple dress, the second is in a red dress and hat, and the third is in a yellow dress and hat. It is painted with thick semi-circles of colour.
Jesuites iii
A painting of a man playing a trumpet, with the people around him looking visibly angered by his playing. The painting is mainly done in yellow hues and looks like a collage.
Trumpeter in the Village

Mark Rothko

A painting of three rectangles in varying shades of pink, on a peachy pink background.
A painting on an orange background, of many rectangles in shades of green and purple.
No. 15
A painting of a dark green rectangle and a rectangle that is so dark green it looks black. They are on a blue background.
No. 5 (Green on Blue)